Development of the Third Edition of the Village Design Statement

We require help from village residents.

Thurlaston Parish Council (TPC) is updating the Thurlaston Village Design Statement (VDS) – a formal document providing guidance on design for new developments in our Village. Our VDS was originally created by residents in 2003, updated in 2016, and now due to be updated again in line with official guidance that a VDS should be updated every 5 years to maintain its accuracy for planning purposes. The current edition is available for viewing and download on this website.

The changes in the new edition will be tailored towards the development activity in play at the moment, particularly Local Plan changes underway for South-West Rugby, warehouses within the Parish just to the north, and planning applications much closer to the Village centre.

On behalf of your Parish Council I would welcome your contributions to this update, especially history or descriptions of: 
  • The roads/cul-de-sacs off Main Street;
  • The area at the southern end of Main Street;
  • History of the Village;
  • What future developments you would welcome.
By all means contact me by email:
Cllr John Bretherton (Chairman, Thurlaston Parish Council)

SW Rugby Local Plan gains momentum - summer 2021 update

Your Parish Council is reviewing numerous documents which have been provided by Tritax Symmetry and submitted to Rugby Borough Council. During the summer of 2021 developments centre on Zone D (on the west side of the site) which contains a large warehouse and an Energy Centre.

The Local Plan has ministerial approval and legally can proceed.  TPC is therefore focussing on the impact of developments as they affect us particularly with regard to pollution – notably visual, noise, traffic and air quality.  A key feature of our campaign will include climate change and requirements to minimise the scheme’s carbon footprint and improve biodiversity. We are in consultation with various external bodies which includes our Member of Parliament.  In line with TPC policy we will continue to put all our representations in the public domain.

If you wish to help or discuss TPC’s submissions on the scheme please contact:
Cllr Keith Boardman (Chairman, TPC Planning Subcommittee)






Parish Council Meetings

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be at 7:00 pm on Monday 11th July 2022 in the Thurlaston Village Hall.  Members of the public may make representations according to the Council’s Standing Orders within the Parish Council Meeting under item 5 from 7.15pm onwards for a time period of no more than 5 minutes.  Members of the public who wish to contribute are requested to let the Parish Clerk know prior to the meeting.

Poors Plot Charity

Charity details were updated during October 2021.  Generally Trustees meet twice a year during each spring and autumn. Trustees are happy to make a grant of £300 available to any young person of the parish when they finish full time education to help with the cost of their further education.  A grant application form is available on this website for making requests.

Planning Applications Database

As of August 2021 all Planning applications which have been assessed by the Parish Council are located under the Planning section of the website.  This includes representations relevant to the Rugby Local Plan.

Community Defibrillator

The website now contains information on how to use the community defibrillator which is located in the old telephone kiosk on Main Street.  To some degree this helps with villager training given this has not been possible during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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