Check list on leaving


 All used equipment is cleaned, dried and returned to original place
 Turn off The cooker
 Turn off Burco Boiler
 Make sure all taps off
 Turn off hot water immersion heater
 Fridge is on with door shut
 Cleaning cupboard has lock and chain on - keys on side of big cupboard by the door
 Kitchen is clean and tidy
 Kitchen window is closed
 Kitchen lights are turned off

Main hall

 Make sure all taps off in the toilets
 Chairs are stacked no more than 3 high
 Nothing is left in front of or on the heaters
 Turn heating down at thermostat to frost setting
 Hall is left clean and tidy
 All rubbish is either binned outside or removed from premises
 Turn all lights off - except where switches are covered
 Please leave quietly so as not to upset the neighbours

Outside - Shed and seats etc.

 Sheds are all shut and padlocked
 Outdoor seats are stacked and covered:
  •  All except one stack should have 8 seats
  •  There should be maximum in one stack of 9
  •  Each stack should have its own cover on correctly and clipped at the bottom

Security - Doors and Windows

 Windows are all shut
 Rear emergency door is locked:
  •  Please follow the instructions shown on the door
 Front door is locked:
  •  Make sure bolts are locked on inside of swinging door
  •  Lock the door using the key