The History Group

The History Group (formerly known as the Ancestry Group) is formed of about 10 residents who have an interest in collating historical facts about Thurlaston and the community.  The Group tends to meet during the darker, winter months.

We are using censuses, Rugby directories, electoral rolls, deeds and residents knowledge to look at properties, past and present, name them and make a database of all the people who have lived or used them. Our aim is to make this information available to the wider community so that data are captured not just for us now, but for generations that will follow us.  Slowly but surely we are piecing together information on properties and their owners - it's a bit like sewing the village map!  Interesting examples are the tracking of changes in Pudding Bag Lane and Main Street where some properties no longer exist. 

We are hoping to digitise information and record data in both photographic and textual form. This will use a computer based Content Management System  to record details and in doing so allow time related information to be displayed in a meaningful manner; we can therefore track changes over years gone by.  A study is being undertaken to assess whether it is appropriate to capitalise on the new Thurlaston website which will be launched during Spring 2019.

Our eventual goal is to leave behind an accessible comprehensive record of Thurlaston that one day our descendants may wish to see where their families had lived. 

If you are interested in joining the Group then please contact either Claire Jinks or the Parish Clerk.