**Progressive Suppers** - Updated March 2024

Thurlaston has held progressive suppers for well over 30 years! They were started by Jess Cumming as a fundraiser to help maintain the Village Hall.  Currently a small group of volunteers headed up by Mikala Torrance and Karen Mcglocklan, organise them.

The evening is about relaxing over an enjoyable meal with fellow villagers; sometimes meeting new people and making new friends, sometimes meeting old friends and catching up. Whichever it is and it will probably be both, the idea is to enjoy good company, catch up and laugh a lot; the food is just an excuse to sit round the same table!

The format is simple, once or twice a year villagers are invited to participate by electing to cook a starter, main course or dessert or to attend as a non-cook. (Participants are asked to nominate a second choice to cook – in case too many people want to do starters etc but usually all requests are accommodated as many don’t mind which course they do.) The opening and closing dates for bookings, together with contact details are announced by ThurlastonNet e-mail, door-drop flyer, Thurlaston website and posters.

The plan is that each couple sits down to each course at a different venue with six different villagers, this relies on the optimum number of couples attending but usually it works out well. Newcomers to the village are encouraged to attend as non-cooks at their first progressive so they can see how it works. About a week before the supper, hosts will be contacted to confirm arrangements.

As a tradition the evening begins at the Village Hall at 7.00pm with a drink and a chat with fellow villagers; payments are collected. Guests receive an envelope indicating where they will be enjoying their first course. Hosts are also given envelopes with the destination of the next course for everyone at their table. Envelopes should not be opened until the specified times. Once hosts have left, guests will follow 10 minutes later.

The Progressive is NOT a cookery competition and it is very acceptable to purchase ready-made starters, mains and desserts, so please don’t be put off if cookery isn’t your thing. The evening is about catching up with old friends and making new ones, not worrying if your prepared course is okay!

If you would like to come but on your own please ‘pair up’ with another single and offer to host a course between you. There are people whose halves have work commitments and cannot come or just wouldn’t enjoy it so ask around we’re sure you’ll find someone to pair with.

It really is a great way to meet and get to know fellow villagers over a relaxed meal and drink. If you have any questions please email Mikala Torrance (mikalatorrance@outlook.com) or telephone 07841 288706.