Village Hall Heating

Main Hall and Kitchen

The main Hall heating is done by electric wall heaters, these must be kept clear of anything that might obstruct the airflow or cause a fire risk
  • The main switch is by the front door, this should always be left switched on.
  • Each heater on the wall has its own switch, please leave this switched on.
  • The thermostat is to the left of the notice board.
  • For use, set the thermostat to about 20°C.
  • When not in use the thermostat should be set to defrost which is about 7°C to avoid frost damage.
There is a separate fan heater mounted above the main hall entrance door. We do not normally use this.

The Toilets


There is a separate heater in the Ladies toilet.

Archive Room

There is a separate heater in the archive room. This MUST be left on at all times to preserve the archives.

Please note, access to this room is by agreement with the village archivist only.