FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Q. How do I book the village hall?

A. Please navigate to the Booking page to make the booking.

Q. How do I know if the hall is currently available for the dates I want?

A. Please navigate to the Booking page to see the calendar there.

Q. How much does it cost to hire the village hall?

A. Please navigate to the Booking page to see the current Thurlaston Village Hall Charges and Terms and Conditions etc..

Q. Is there a car park

A. Sadly no. Parking is limited. There is room for a drop off point in front of the hall, however, this can only be temporary parking. There is parking available in the village, however, at weekends this can be very limited.

Q. Who do I pay and how?

A. We accept cheques, cash or BACS payment. Please navigate to the Booking page to see the Thurlaston Village Hall Charges for BACS details and whom to make cheques to. Hand cash or cheque to the booking clerk. Payment is due at handover of the keys to the client. Donations are always gratefully accepted, we as hall committee members do not have discretion in accepting donations.

Q. What is the capacity of the hall? Can I see what's there?

A. Please navigate to the Village Hall Facilities to see pictures and information. Should you wish to visit the hall first please arrange a time with the Booking Clerk.

Q. Where do I get the keys?

A. The booking clerk will arrange this with you, usually their own home, or an alternative address if necessary. It is best to email the day before to confirm pick up time.

Q. Can I pick the keys up the day before? Can I bring the keys back the day after?

A. Provided it does not interfere with other bookings, this is usually OK. Please ask the booking clerk whilst arranging the booking.

Q. What happens to the money you get?

A. The village hall committee are all unpaid volunteers. All of the money goes towards maintenance of the hall.

Q. What if I have any issues with the hall?

A. There is a book by the fridge where you can log problems. If they are more severe, or you have a complaint, please initially speak to the booking clerk who will deal with it in due course. Please remember that all the committee members are unpaid volunteers, and everything has to be done by committee. 

Q. Can I play music in the hall?

A. The village hall has a full music licence, however, please remember you are in a residential area with people living close by. If you do, please do not make it too loud, and keep within social hours.

Q. Can I sell alcohol in the hall?

A. Section 4.2 in the terms and conditions states:
4.2 Alcohol - The Sale of Alcohol is governed by the Licensing Laws and is only permissible if a Hirers have been granted a Temporary Event Notice (“TEN”). The Premises are limited to 15 TEN’s per annum. If Hirers wish to obtain a TEN, permission of the Trustees must first be obtained and should be requested at the time of booking.

Q. Is there disabled access

A. The hall is  accessible by wheelchair, the toilets are due to be upgraded to make them fully usable by disabled people, currently the ladies toilet is large enough inside for this purpose and may be used by anyone who is disabled.

Q. Are there any circumstances when you will cancel my booking or not allow me the booking I want?

A. Certain regular events are deemed to take priority, such as the annual fete. The most likely cause of a cancellation by us is that an election of some kind has been called and we need the hall for that.

Q. Are you on Facebook?

A. We are indeed, view our Facebook page and by all means, whilst respecting other people's privacy, please upload pictures of your own times there.

Q. What are those cushion like things hanging from the ceiling for?

A. They were professionally installed a while ago after consulting experts on acoustics for the hall. 

Q. Do you have a TV licence for the property?

A. No. Please view our TV Licence Reminder.pdf, if in doubt as to what you can and can't do without a licence.

Q. Is your electrical equipment PAT tested?

A. Yes. Our equipment is either new  or has been PAT tested. Please navigate to the Booking page to see our PAT test certificate.

Q. Is this the same hall as Thurlaston in Leicestershire?

A. No. This is a common confusion, that is a totally separate village with its own village hall, to book that go to Thurlaston LEICESTERSHIRE Village Hall

Village Hall Committee FAQ

Q. When and where are village hall committee meetings held?

A. The meetings are held in the village hall bimonthly, all villagers are welcome to attend. To see when the next meeting is, please navigate to the Booking page to see the calendar there.

Q. Can I join village hall committee?

A. The village hall committee of 7 people normally is open to all residents of the village, from time to time vacancies arise, if you are interested in joining, please talk to any current member, or please navigate to the Booking page to inquire with the booking clerk.

Q. Are the minutes and agendas of the village hall committee meetings available to view?

A. Yes, view them here Village Hall Committee Minutes - hint: select the year and hit the Submit button