Marquees / Gazebos for rent

Please contact our Booking Clerk via email:

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The “New” Blue Marquee

This Marquee may be hired but can only be used with hire of the hall in the hall garden.

With instructions It normally takes 6 people to erect this marquee, though 4 skilled people will probably manage. We will if needed be able to help with 1 or 2 people who are experienced in putting them up and taking them down.



It has walls which can be put up as desired.


  • 2 blank
  • 2 with windows
  • 2 with doors


Video Demonstration of Marquee Erection (Smaller Version)


The “Old” Marquees

These may be hired and used anywhere in, but not outside of, the village.

Somewhat dilapidated, these marquees are still usable.

2 Old marquees available with instructions

  • 1 of 4m x 4m
  • 1 of 4m x 8m